Tell Your Story

Each of us has a story about why we love and care for Hampton’s United Methodist Church.  Are you willing to share your story with others?

At the Discipleship/Stewardship Committee Meeting this morning, we discussed a previous year when we encouraged members to share their stories.  There were a few people who stepped out in faith and shared their story, however, I know there are more stories out there that should, would, could be shared with further encouragement.  It is important to move away from the ‘fear’ and trepidation that comes with discipleship and stewardship, and move into a place of ‘gratitude’ for each of our gifts.

Do you have a story of gratitude for HUMC and are you willing to share how that gratitude informs your reasons to give back to our faith community?  What is it that you value about HUMC that causes you to want to attend service on Saturday or Sunday, volunteer for a project, or give financially to the church?  When are the times you feel the love of Christ most present in our community?  Who is that person that provides home and inspiration in times of need or sadness?  The Discipleship/Stewardship Committee would like to collect your stories and with permission, share them with others throughout the year.

Your story can be as short as a sentence or two, or as much as a few paragraphs.  Please submit your ‘stories of gratitude’ to Sue Kromminga at  If you would prefer to speak with Sue, call 641-456-4238.  Thank you for sharing your story with us.