Sager Brown UMCOR Depot

Baldwin, Louisiana

March 11-16, 2018

Robbi Stevens, Mary Fridley, Donna Dorsey, Candy Wagnew, Gayle Winfrey, Barb Quasdorf, Virginia Meinberg, Sue Kromminga, Dave Wagner and Carol Nolte left the church at 1:00 PM Friday March 9, 2018.  Ten people, nine ladies and one gent were heading to serve in mission at the UMCOR Depot located in Baldwin, Louisiana.  Jim Quasdorf, Lillian Craighton and Pastor Michael were there to see them off.



And they were off.  Sue and Carol in the first car, Mary and Robbi following behind.  Plan to be back after 2,3000 miles, 4 hotel stops, 27 meals, 1 flat tire, 1 lost transmission, 300+ flood buckets, hundreds of sewing kits, dozens of school bags, one afternoon of Bingo, TMTC  bathroom breaks, numerous bridges and bodies of water, (TMTC – too many to count – medical term)


Upon leaving the Country Kitchen where we stopped for supper, we discovered a tire going flat.  Several people from the community offered assistance.  Soon the spare was on and we were back on the road.  Next stop,

Day 2:  Sue started her day at the Midas Repair Shop, they were able to fix the tire and we were back on the road by 9:00 AM.  Next stop, The Central BBQ in Memphis, TN.  This stop has become a tradition for Sue, third trip to Sager Brown, third time at Central BBQ.  Entertainment while we wait, great food, too!



The Lorraine Motel is right across the street from the BBQ, we stretched our legs as we took a moment to view the motel, museum and surrounding buildings connected with the Civil Rights Museum.  Then back on the road, next overnight stop, Ponchatula, LA.

Day 3:  After a night in Ponchatula we ventured across Lake Pontchartrain via the Ponchatuola Bridge toward New Orleans.

We attended Sunday morning services at Rayne Memorial United Methodist Church in the heart of New Orleans.  The church dates back to 1875.  Beautiful stain glass windows and architecture.  The service was traditional, including a baptism.



The church is situated on a street which regularly hosts Mardi Gras parades, beads hang on trees and wires.  The trolley runs up and down the street, we may need to plan a ride on that during future visits.



As we left New Orleans this car began to experience problems.  Had noted something was wrong earlier, hoped we could get to Baldwin and have it looked at there, the car had other ideas.  Thankfully, when the transmission dropped we had just pulled into a convenience store.  The vehicle was towed back to the airport branch of Enterprise and exchanged for the one on the right.  One vehicle went on to the depot, three of us waited at the store until the drivers returned with the newer vehicle.  Everyone was under the same roof again at Sager Brown by nightfall.

Days 4-8 at Sager Brown UMCOR Depot, Baldwin LA.


The cafeteria was the place to check-in 3 times a day.  Before the meal announcements and work assignments were handled.  Each group received a kitchen duty assignment, which included a bit of fun, prayer before the meal and cleanup and dishes after the meeting.



Members of the team worked in different areas.  You could do the same ‘job’ all week or you could do something different each day.  Here are pictures of the UMCOR depot, from there you will see different members of the team on the ‘job’.










We had Wednesday afternoon off, we were able to go to Avery Island for the afternoon and took a swamp tour in the early evening.