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Souper Bowl Sunday February 2, 2019

Today.  Now.  by Laurie Haller

I rise from my bed of sleep to adore your holy name, to live for you this day, to work with you in the bringing in of your reign, and to find in you eternal life. I consciously renew my calling as this day begins, thanking you for the privilege of living my life in this way. I know that I need to take care of myself if I am to be of any use to those I am called to serve. Grant me grace to walk in health and wholeness. Most of all, thank you that I can live today, knowing that I am your beloved. Amen. 

Where did January go?  At times it seemed like it was going fast, other times it seemed to drag, either way, January has come and gone.  The school had No Snow, Snow Days  Temperatures dipped so low they broke records.  There were fears of cars not starting, water pipes freezing and power outages.  Power outages escalate fear of keeping the house warm along with other concerns.  We can be thankful here at Hampton we got through the month without any catastrophes.  Also, this is a good time to remember to turn your worries into prayers and lay them at the foot of the cross.

So, let’s look ahead to February.  Last Sunday there was an announcement for Super Bowl – Souper Bowl Sunday.  Somehow we missed this on the calendar as we were planning for the first of the year. Without much lead time or promotion the congregation showed up today with 8 different kinds of soup, awesome.  We had two chicken and noodles, so one was put back to feed the youth on Wednesday night.  We often do not recognize the simple blessing in the midst of our everyday lives.  Another blessing came in the form of Becky Zak’s birthday.  Her family brought a large birthday cake to share, in addition to all the cookies, bars and cakes brought in for fellowship.

We must not forget the purpose behind Souper Bowl Sunday, it is a chance for everyone to vote for their favorite team playing in the Super Bowl.  The vote comes in the form of financial donation in the bucket of your favorite team.  This year the team with the most votes was the Los Angeles Rams. $103 was raised for mission.  The Mission Committee will determine where this donation will go at their next meeting.

I love the way HUMC lives into ‘being the hands and feet of Jesus.’  Something as simple as soup, brings people together in relationship.  Without much time or effort people were fed, conversations occurred around the game we will all be watching later today.  Funds were raised to be used for a mission involving food and feeding the hungry.  We are blessed.

As Pastor Michael shared in his message, people came to church to worship and left feeling better than when they arrived, at least I know I did.

Your Sister in Christ, Sue Kromminga

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