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The Walk by Adam Hamilton – Lenten Study

Lenten Bible Study: How do we walk with Christ—daily follow him, grow in him, and faithfully serve him? Join Adam Hamilton this Lent and Easter in The Walk and discover five essential spiritual practices rooted in Jesus’ own walk with God. In each chapter, Hamilton’s engaging teaching style will help you explore one of these practices-each of […]

The Journey Continues

Our last night of Vacation Bible School, the Grand Finale’ will be at 7:00 PM in the sanctuary of St. Paul.  It has been a great week, “Wild About Jesus.”  As every year, there are new faces and old faces.  It has been a fun filled week.  As with any adventure, it comes to an […]

Transition from Vacation to Reality

John Wesley’s Sermon, The Character of a Methodist One who has the love of God shed abroad in the heart. One who cannot but rejoice, having peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ One who has the hope of immorality One who prays without ceasing One who loves and does good to neighbors and […]

Pastys or Pasties…The Miner’s Delight

From the beginning several people have had trouble with the pronunciation of the word.  Is this a pasty or a pastie, there is a big difference between the two, so for the sake of the church and the history of this pastry, let me share this information from the WWW with you.  We all know […]

I Choose the True Road to Somewhere

Barricade the road that goes Nowhere; grace me with Your clear revelation.  I choose the true road to Somewhere; I post Your road signs at every curve and corner.  I grasp and cling to whatever You tell me…I’ll run the course You lay out for me if You’ll just show me how. (Psalms 119:129-32 MSG) […]

4:29 PM

  A year or maybe two years ago we prayed this prayer during worship here at Hampton  United Methodist Church.  A prayer right here, in our hymnals.  I thought wouldn’t it be cool if we stopped everyday at 4:29 PM and prayed? I had what I thought was a ridiculous idea at the time regarding […]

A Quiet Week

  This should be a quiet week, to reflect?  to rest? to start the next project?  How about reflecting?  Sunday I had the honor to lead worship as Hampton United Methodist Church celebrated with their graduates.  Now, as I recall or rather cannot recall anything about my own graduation, I felt there was nothing life […]

Spring Has Sprung…

It has been a couple busy weeks here at Hampton United Methodist Church and will continue to be.  It feels like spring in the church as we see ministries growing and blossoming.  We had our confirmands joining the church and becoming active members of the Family of Christ.  Next week those graduating from high school […]

Do you ever do a happy dance in your head?

This was written over a week ago, sorry I didn’t get it published before now.  Enjoy the read: If I had to pick a song to do my happy dance to, I would pick the first four lines of ‘I’m so Excited’ and let them loop around in my head.  To be honest, I have […]

Confirmation Sunday, May 5th

    There was a time when I thought, after each major Christian event, i.e. Christmas and Easter, there would be ‘down time.’  Oh, that is so not true in the life of the church.  “Easter comes late this year.”  was a statement I heard several times at the beginning of the year.  And that […]