“You will want to make plans now to attend the Sunday services of the Hampton United Methodist Church. For the first time in 54 years, they are rolling me out to be the reader of not ONE, but TWO Bible verses in church.

About six months ago our trustees committee was in the sanctuary listening to the new sound system when someone said, “Hey Pat, read something and we’ll see how it sounds in the back and in the balcony.” SO, there had been a funeral there earlier in the day and so I read the back of their program which was the person’s obituary. Word seemed to spread fast and I was told I needed to be a reader in church. I said, “OK.” A month ago someone said, “Pat, have you ever been the reader in church?” I said, “No, I was never asked.” — So this Sunday is my debut.

You never know what you will get if you don’t ask.

I’m sure there will be full house for this monumental event…. and listenership on KLMJ will increase as well. 

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